Mental Health Awareness Training

Find out about how you can help others in your local community with supporting their mental wellbeing needs with this training.

Would you like FREE mental health awareness training which will provide the foundation knowledge to progress to RSPH Level 2 in Understanding Mental Wellbeing?

One You Hounslow is offering the opportunity for individuals to receive free training to support local people in looking after their mental wellbeing.

Overview of Mental Health Awareness Training


  1. Identify current concepts of mental wellbeing
  2. Outline the importance of mental wellbeing to the individual
  3. Identify how the community can affect and be affected by mental wellbeing
  4. Outline methods for promotion of mental wellbeing

The Mental Health Awareness training course will be delivered in one 2 hour session.

Upon completion of this basic training you may be interested in the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Wellbeing qualification. One You Hounslow hopes to be able to offer this training in 2021.

If you are interested in attending this training please complete the form below.

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