Stoptober 2022

Join the thousands of people who are stopping smoking this October.

Stoptober rewards

This year there are rewards available as an incentive for smokers to sign up to stop smoking for Stoptober. The first 30 people to refer a household member who smokes to the service will get a £25 voucher (maternity) – if you smoke and a member of your household smokes and you both achieve 4 week smokefree during STOPTOBER, you will each receive £25 voucher.

If you don’t smoke but a member of the household smokes and achieves to be 4 weeks smokefree during STOPTOBER you will each receive £25 voucher. (You will both need to provide evidence of same household address to receive the voucher).

Also, the first 50 people to attend 4 stop smoking sessions with One You Hounslow will receive a £10 voucher (universal).

Find your nearest stop smoking clinic
Stoptober BetterPoints rewards

You could earn up to £50 in vouchers for stopping smoking!

Have you got the BetterPoints app yet?  If not, then download it today as there are lots of free rewards availabe for many activiites acorss Hounslow.

As an incentive to stop smoking this Stoptober you could earn up to £50 in vouchers for stopping smoking, including £10 worth of BetterPoints just for ‘scanning in’ at your first stop smoking session!

Find out about all the rewards available on the link below.

Visit the BetterPoints Hounslow website
NHS Quit Smoking app

The NHS Quit Smoking app helps you to monitor your progress on your stop smoking journey and gives you day to day advise and support.

It can be a great motivational tool that goes with you wherever you go and can show exactly how much money you are saving as you cut down how much you smoke each day.


Download the NHS Quit Smoking app!
Use the NHS Personal Quit Plan tool

By just asking you a few very straightforward questions the Personal Quit Plan will be able to suggest some ways it feels would be best to support you to stop smoking.

It’s a very quick and easy way to get some very good stop smoking advice, so why not give t  go today!  Just click on the link below.

Visit the Personal Quit Plan tool