Week 8 - Eating out & food budgeting

Child Weight Management programme
Eating on the move and takeaways

This week we look at healthy options when you are out and about or for when you order some take out to eat at home.

Congratulations you have made it to the final week, give yourself a pat on the back!

These tips will help you make smarter choices when eating our or having takeaway

Child Weight Management Week 7 recap

Let's test how much you remember from week 7!

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Did you manage to create a healthy lunch box and/or healthy snack?

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Which of the following is a healthy snack to opt for?

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Eating out

Eating out can be entertaining and gives us a break from cooking. Although takeaways can be convenient, cheap and tasty; but sometimes they can be high in fats, sugar and salt.

If you are eating out or getting takeaways regularly, opting for healthier choices can help you maintain a balanced diet, and don’t forget to keep in mind the Eatwell Guide principles.

Tips for eating out or ordering takeaways


Fish and chips:

  • Go for thick cut chips as they soak up less fat
  • Opt for fish coated in breadcrumbs instead of batter
  • Request for fish and chips without salt and have a side of mushy peas
  • Watch out for the extras such as pies and sausages which can be high in fat


  • Opt for tomato/vegetable-based sauces instead of cream
  • Ask for extra vegetable toppings on your pizza
  • Choose thin based pizzas instead of deep pan/stuffed crust
  • You may want to have a starter as your main meal if you are opting for a dessert
  • Garlic bread can be high in fat because of the butter, try bruschetta


  • Look out for crispy/battered meaning it is deep fried therefore high in fat
  • Try steamed options e.g. dumplings, soups, plain rice
  • Stir-fries can be lower in fat and contain vegetables


  • To lower the amount of fat in your meal go for tandoori cooked meat and tomato-based sauces such as jalfrezi or madras.
  • Choose plain rice and chapattis
  • Choose vegetable and lentil-based dishes e.g. dhal

Kebabs and burgers

  • Try and avoid the extras and high fat sauces e.g. mayonnaise, extra cheese, bacon strips
  • Go for a regular size burger with a side salad
  • Shish kebab is a healthier alternative to doner kebab
  • Grilled burgers from lean meat/fish are a good choice

Guess the calories

Can you guess the calories in these common takeaway foods?

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Can you guess the calories in a regular size serving of Wimpy chips?

Portion of chips

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Can you guess the calories in 1 slice of Domino's classic medium crust cheese and tomato pizza?


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Can you guess the calories in a KFC mini fillet burger?

Chicken Burger

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Can you guess the calories in a plate of fish and chips with mush peas?

Plate of fish and chips

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Food Budgeting

There is an assumption that eating healthy is expensive however if you plan well and think wisely, eating healthy won’t cost you as much as you think.


  • Opt for unit pricing when deciding which product to purchase showing the price of food for a certain weight.  Pack of 6 apples 630g=£2.25 /£3.58/kg. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are cheaper, and some supermarkets are selling wonky fruit and vegetables which can be nutritious and better value for money.
  • Meal preparation can save you time and money – frozen vegetables go a long way, tinned tomatoes and tinned pulses can also bulk up your meals as well as providing texture and flavour.
  • Vegetables and pulses usually cost less than meat, so try adding more of these foods to your meat-containing meals as they are packed with fibre and are lower in fat. Have a meat free day!
  • Canned oily fish can often be cheaper than fresh fish e.g. sardines and salmon- also a source of omega 3 fats.
  • Go for economy/value brands/supermarket own brands which can be just as good and lower in price.
  • Use up leftovers, try not to waste foods and add any leftover vegetables to make a hearty soup.

Need some ideas for budget meals and tips then check these links below:

BBC Good Food – 10 easy budget family meals

NHS website – 20 tips to eat well for less

Common store cupboard foods

Keeping a supply of basic foods in your store cupboard, fridge and freezer can save you time and allow you to explore making nutritious meals.

  • oats
  • pasta
  • bread
  • tinned tomatoes
  • tinned pulses
  • rice
  • frozen fruit and vegetables and mince meat
  • eggs
  • milk

Task for child/young person

Your task for this week is to create a budget meal for 4 people under £5

Here is an example – jacket potato chilli for 4 people:

Pack of 4 jacket potatoes= 45p
Frozen vegetarian mince= 1.75p
2 x tin of chopped tomatoes= 70p
1 x pack of peppers = 79p

Total – £3.69

Now that you have completed the 8-week programme, answer the questions again from week 1 and reflect on the changes you have made.

What is your weight?

How many minutes of exercise do you do per week?

How many portions of fruit and vegetables do you have per day?

How many glasses of water do you drink per day?

Do you read food labels?

Well done for completing the 8-week plan! We hope you learnt some new information, made changes and had some success in improving your health and wellbeing.


Tips and tasks for parents/carer

Sometimes it can be tempting to eat out or get a takeaway, but if you have a well-stocked pantry it can be easy to create a healthy meal e.g. jacket potato.

Instead of getting a takeaway pizza why not try this quick, easy and cost saving pitta pizza recipe

Please support and encourage your child to continue to make positive healthy changes.

Congratulations for supporting your child in completing this programme!

Child Weight Management week 8 feedback

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