Week 1 - The Eatwell Guide

Child Weight Management programme
Eating well and being more active can help improve our health.

Our 8 week plan is here to help you achieve your healthy eating and physical activity goals and improve your wellbeing. The programme aims to empower you with information to help you start making small changes.

Disclaimer: This family programme is aimed at children aged between 5-13 years, where both children and parents/carers can participate. If you have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor before starting.

Developing healthier lifestyle habits such as eating healthy and being more active can be challenging.

This programme has been designed to support you on your journey to making healthier choices.

Do you know what the government guidelines are on healthy eating?

Having a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating well can make a positive difference to our health. The Eatwell Guide shows the governments recommendations on what makes a healthy balanced diet.

In picture form it shows the various types and proportions of food. It can be applied to most people, including people of ethnic origin and vegetarians. However, it is not for children under 2. From the age of 2-5 children should slowly be moving to what the rest of the family eat.

Also, it does not apply to those with special dietary requirements or medical needs – these groups can have the guide adapted to their needs by their GP or dietitian.

For more information on the Eatwell Guide click on the button below.

The Eatwell Guide

Goal setting

Setting SMART goals can be helpful in achieving targets.

Goals should be:

Specific e.g. I will eat vegetables with my lunch and dinner

Measurable e.g. I will walk 20 minutes 5 days a week

Attainable e.g. I will switch from full fat yoghurt to low fat yoghurt

Relevant e.g. Make the goal relevant to you and what you are trying to achieve

Timely e.g. I will aim to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables by the end of the month


BMI (Body Mass Index)

You can use the tool below to calculate your BMI.  If you are unable to see the BMI calculator below you can use this NHS BMI calculator

Task for child/young person

Calculate your BMI using the tool below or the link to the NHS BMI calculator above.

Child/young person – Please ask your parent or carer to help you with the questions below to help you get started

What is your weight?

How many minutes of exercise do you do per week?

How many portions of fruit and vegetables do you have per day?

How many glasses of water do you drink per day?

Do you read food labels?

To help you keep track on how you are doing you can answer the same questions in week 4 and week 8.


Well done for taking the first step to a healthier you!

Tips and tasks for parents/carer

Parents – you will play a key role in keeping your children motivated and engaged on this programme.

We hope it will help them and you in making positive lifestyle changes.  The aim is to take steps in making small healthy changes for you and your family.

It would be useful for you to see your child’s answers from the assessment questions so you can keep track!

Why not print a copy of The Eatwell Guide and stick it on your fridge!

Child Weight Management week 1 feedback

Please tell us your experience for week 1 of this course.

On a scale of 1 to10 (where 1 is very poor and 10 is excellent) how would you rate the learning material for this week?

What improvements do you think can be made?