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During these unprecedented times it is overwhelming for everyone; no schools open, social distancing, self-isolation, limited stock on the supermarket shelves and financially constraints.

Tips & Alternatives:
• Get your kids involved-get them to check what foods are in date and out of date and think about using up foods that are nearly out of their use by date or freeze them.

• For foods that come in large quantities e.g. chicken fillets individually pack and freeze them allowing you to defrost as and when you need

• Browse the whole supermarket and you may be lucky in getting the last tin of something & try a new ingredient too

• Make a shopping list and make a meal plan ahead so you can avoid wasting any food

• Chopped tomatoes- use tomato puree/tinned plum tomatoes or tomato passata

• Tinned pulses- use dried pulses which involve soaking for a few hours then cooking, or frozen mince or vegetarian sausages

• Eggs may be out of stock depending what you use it for, use milk and flour to make pancakes without eggs, or try scrambled tofu as a replacement for scrambled eggs

• Sliced bread- use fresh loaves/pitta bread/wraps/bagels/baguettes

• Canned tuna- try other canned fish e.g. salmon, mackerel, sardines

• Frozen vegetables and frozen fruit- use fresh fruit and vegetables, canned fruit in juice & canned vegetables or dried fruit

• Pasta and rice use other grains such as bulgar wheat, cous cous, quinoa, noodles, spaghetti

• Milk- try plant-based milks ensure they are fortified or long-life milk

• Make a large casserole/stew where you can have a one pot meal, use for the next few days and even freeze

• Buy a few pizza bases and get your children involved with adding the toppings

• Canned soups, microwavable rice and frozen ready meals can be stocked if you don’t have time to cook from fresh or feeling unwell

• Use up leftovers and add it into meals e.g. left over bolognaise try having it with couscous

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