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Healthy Eating & Oral Health sessions for parents

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One You Hounslow being a health and wellbeing service, one of our objectives is to improve the health and wellbeing of school children. We therefore offer schools lifestyle support through health promotion, staff training, Change4Life and Confident You programmes and parental healthy eating and oral health workshops.  These programmes benefit teenagers and children as well as parents and staff.

So what does this session incorporate?

Our sessions give parents information, knowledge and ideas on healthy eating and good oral health to help them make small changes in their lifestyles; these can contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of their child and the whole family.

This informal group-based one hour parent/carer session provides parents with ideas on how to make healthier choices for their child and family. They are interactive and fun.

Parents get to explore different facts about food, with tips to make healthier choices creating a balanced diet using tooth-friendly food and drinks, as well as advice on tooth brushing and visiting the dentist.

Topics include:

1, Eat well plate and portion size

2, Healthy snacks

3, Food labelling

4, Tooth-friendly food and drinks

5, Healthy weight & physical activity

6, The importance of baby teeth

7, Tooth brushing

8, Visits to the dentist

Comments from parents who have attended our recent session at Westbrook Primary School:

‘Very informative and thought provoking, useful tips especially with regards to portion control’

‘It’s amazing, a really good session to know about healthy teeth and eating’

‘Good information regarding oral health and diet which I didn’t know before’

‘Very well organised and many queries have been cleared’

‘I learnt what size fruit and vegetable portions to give the kids and learnt what is good for our health’

‘This session was very good; I learnt so many things, thank you very much’

How can parents sign up to these sessions?

Parents can speak to the school and request these sessions to be held and school staff can then contact One You Hounslow Children’s Healthy Weight Team to make a booking as the sessions take place in a school setting.

Gopika Papiah
Children’s Healthy Weight Advisor
One You Hounslow